Friday, October 15, 2010

Android ID Changer

Version 1.5 Updated on October 24, 2010

Each android device needs a unique identification number, know as the Android ID, in order to function properly.  This identification number is stored in a protected database on the phone.  However, custom ROMs will overwrite this database and supply all user of a given ROM with the same, non-unique ID.  This app allows you to restore your unique android ID without SDK tools, command line functions, or even a computer.  Keep this app on your phone and easily restore your unique device ID after every ROM change.

Before you can restore your android id, you will need to know what it is.  If you are still running your stock ROM, simply fire up this app and it will tell you what your current android id is.  Save this value anywhere it can be easily accessible for future use.  If you have already upgraded, you will need to flash to a backup of your stock ROM (you are making backups, right?) where the original information is stored.

In your new ROM, fire up the Android ID Changer and enter your unique android id.  Once a valid id is entered (16 hex characters meaning 0-9 and a-f), click the Change ID button.  The app will then update your android id and reboot the phone to make the changes stick.

In order for this app to work properly, it must be rooted (SU) and have the BusyBox tools installed.  If these conditions are not met, you can still read your android id.  However, clicking Change ID will not result in any changes being made to your system.

As with any app that accesses core system features with root access, there is always a possibility that something may go wrong leading to undesirable operation of the phone.  Please use this app at your own risk.

Head over to the android market to grab a copy and enjoy.

Change Log

Version 1.4 - 1.5
* Changed app to get SU credentials at program launch
* If you click "Remember" when allowing the SU command, this will ensure proper functionality first time

Version 1.3 - 1.4
* Removed explicit sqlite3 binary dependency

Version 1.2 - 1.3
Added error handling routines:
* Checks for presence of required tools.
* Checks to make sure sdcard is mounted read/write.
* If something is going wrong, this should help tell you what it is.

Made changes to support Droids and other models
* Motorola Droids, Nexus One, and others have a file structure different from the Galaxy-S models.
* Performs dynamic file structure checking to accommodate different system layouts from different manufacturers.

Added Save/Load ID Functionality
* Click 'Save ID' to save your current ID to your SD card so it will be there after flashing.
* Saved to on sdcard.
* Click 'Load ID' to load the ID back into the app for easy restoration after a ROM flash.

Display Changes
* Forces app portrait mode for best display results.
* Added scrollability to text to accommodate different resolutions.